Pantosteus Cope, 1875

Catostomidae Agassiz, 1850 ― pakaprovcovití

Typový druh

Minomus platyrhynchus Cope, 1874.

Původní popis

Cope, E. D. & Yarrow, H. C. 1875. Report upon the collections of fishes made in portions of Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, during the years 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874. Engineer Department, United States Army, Report upon the Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys west of the one hundredth Meridian v. 5 (Zoology) Chapter 6: 635-703, Pls. 26-32.

Přehled druhů

Pantosteus bondi (Smith, Stewart & Carpenter, 2013)

Pantosteus clarkii (Baird & Girard, 1854)

pakaprovec Clarkův

Pantosteus discobolus (Cope, 1871)

pakaprovec modrohlavý

Pantosteus jarrovii (Cope, 1874)

Pantosteus jordani Evermann, 1893

Pantosteus lahontan Rutter, 1903

Pantosteus nebuliferus (Garman, 1881)

Pantosteus platyrhynchus (Cope, 1874)

pakaprovec horský

Pantosteus plebeius (Baird & Girard, 1854)

pakaprovec riograndský

Pantosteus santaanae Snyder, 1908

pakaprovec svatoanenský

Pantosteus virescens Cope, 1875