Simenchelys Gill, 1879

Synaphobranchidae Johnson, 1862 ― tupohlavcovití


Conchognathus Collett, 1889 ― Conchognathus grimaldii Collett, 1889

Gymnosimenchelys Tanaka, 1908 ― Gymnosimenchelys leptosomus Tanaka, 1908

Typový druh

Simenchelys parasiticus Gill, 1879

Původní popis

Goode G. B. & Bean T. H. 1879. A catalogue of the fishes of Essex County, Massachusetts, including the fauna of Massachusetts Bay and the contiguous deep waters. Bull. Essex Inst. v. 11. 1-38.

Přehled druhů

Simenchelys parasitica Gill, 1879

tupohlavec parazitický