Echiostoma barbatum Lowe, 1843

svítivka vousatá

Čeleď: Stomiidae Bleeker, 1859

Rod: Echiostoma Lowe, 1843


Echiostoma calliobarba Parr, 1934; Echiostoma ctenobarba Parr, 1927; Echiostoma guentheri Regan & Trewavas, 1930; Echiostoma ramifer ctenobarba Parr, 1934; Hyperchoristus tanneri Gill, 1883.

České názvy

svítivka vousatá

    Typová lokalita

    Off Madeira, eastern Atlantic.


    36,8 cm SL.

    Původní popis

    Lowe, R. T. 1843. Notices of fishes newly observed or discovered in Madeira during the years 1840, 1841, and 1842. Proceedings of the General Meetings for Scientific Business of the Zoological Society of London 1843 (pt 11): 81-95.