Gobiomorphus dinae Thacker, Geiger & Shelley, 2022

Čeleď: Eleotridae Bonaparte, 1835

Rod: Gobiomorphus Gill, 1863

Typová lokalita

Mouth of tributary of Moawhango River, 2 - 3 miles north of Moawhango, North Island, New Zealand, 39°33.7457'S, 175°51.6488'E.

Původní popis

Thacker, C. E., Geiger, D.L. & Shelley, J. J. 2023. Two new cryptic species of the freshwater fish genus Gobiomorphus (Gobiiformes: Gobioidei: Eleotridae) in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research v. 57 (no. 1): 119-135 [1-17].