Leptaulopus Gomon, Struthers & Stewart, 2013

Aulopidae Bonaparte, 1831 ― jinožábrovkovití

Typový druh

Aulopus damasi Tanaka, 1915.

Původní popis

Gomon, M. F., Struthers, C. D. & Stewart, A. L. 2013. A new genus and two new species of the family Aulopidae (Aulopiformes), commonly referred to as Aulopus, flagfins, Sergeant Bakers or Threadsails, in Australasian waters. Species Diversity v. 18: 141-161.

Přehled druhů

Leptaulopus damasi (Tanaka, 1915)

jinožábrovka japonská

Leptaulopus erythrozonatus Gomon, Struthers & Stewart, 2013