Hilsa Regan, 1917

Dorosomatidae Gill, 1861


Macrura van Hasselt, 1823 ― Van Hasselt text unclear if intended as a species or genus

Macrura Fowler, 1941 ― Clupea kelee Cuvier, 1829

Paralosa Regan, 1916 ― Clupea durbanensis Regan, 1906

Typový druh

Clupea durbanensis Regan, 1906.

Původní popis

Regan C. T. 1917. A revision of the clupeoid fishes of the genera Pomolobus, Brevoortia and Dorosoma and their allies. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (Ser. 8) v. 19 (no. 112). 297-316.

Přehled druhů

Hilsa kelee (Cuvier, 1829)

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