Rhinolepadichthys Fujiwara, Motomura Summers & Conway, 2024

Gobiesocidae Bleeker, 1859 ― carounovití

Typový druh

Lepadichthys polyastrous Fujiwara & Motomura, 2021.

Původní popis

Fujiwara, K., H. Motomura, H., Summers, A. P. & Conway, K. W. 2024. A new generic name for the “Lepadichthys" lineatus complex with a rediagnosis of Discotrema, a senior synonym of Unguitrema, and comments on their phylogenetic relationships (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae). Vertebrate Zoology v. 74: 279-301.

Přehled druhů

Rhinolepadichthys geminus (Fujiwara & Motomura, 2021)

Rhinolepadichthys heemstraorum (Fujiwara & Motomura, 2021)

Rhinolepadichthys lineatus (Briggs, 1966)

caroun páskovaný

Rhinolepadichthys polyastrous (Fujiwara & Motomura, 2021)