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Scopelarchidae — stříboočkovití

Přehled rodů

  • Benthalbella Zugmayer, 1911 »

    Zugmayer, E. 1911. Diagnoses de poissons nouveaux provenant des campagnes du yacht "Princesse-Alice" (1901 a 1910). Bull. Inst. Oceanogr. (Monaco) No. 193: 1-14.

  • Rosenblattichthys Johnson, 1974 »

    Johnson R. K. 1974. Five new species and a new genus of alepisauroid fishes of the Scopelarchidae (Pisces: Myctophiformes). Copeia 1974 (no. 2). 449-457.

  • Scopelarchoides Parr, 1929 »

    Parr A. E. 1929. A contribution to the osteology and classification of the orders Iniomi and Xenoberyces. With description of a new genus and species of the family Scopelarchidae, from the western coast of Mexico; and some notes on the visceral anatomy of Rondeletia Occas. Pap. Bingham Ocean. Coll. No. 2. 1-45.

  • Scopelarchus Alcock, 1896 »

    Alcock A. W. 1896. Natural history notes from H. M. Indian marine survey steamer 'Investigator,' Commander C. F. Oldham, R. N., commanding. Series II. No. 23. A supplementary list of the marine fishes of India, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species. J. Asiatic Soc. Bengal v. 65 (pt 2, No. 3). 301-338.


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