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Nové rody popsané v roce 2002

Seznam nově popsaných rodů ryb v roce 2002 (obsahuje pouze platné rody)

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  • Dario Kullander & Britz, 2002

    Kullander S. O. & Britz R. 2002. Revision of the family Badidae (Teleostei: Perciformes), with description of a new genus and ten new species. Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters v. 13 (no. 4). 295-372.

  • Derhamia Géry & Zarske, 2002

    Géry J. & Zarske A. 2002. Derhamia hoffmannorum gen. et sp. n. - a new pencil fish (Teleostei, Characiformes, Lebiasinidae), endemic from the Mazaruni River in Guyana. Zool. Abh., Staat. Mus. Tierk. Dresden No. 52. 35-47.

  • Dienbienia Nguyen & Nguyen, 2002

    Nguyen V. H. & Nguyen H. D. 2002. Mot giong moi va mot loai moi thuoc ho Balitoridae (Cypriniformes) tim thay o huyn Dien Bien, tinh Lai Chau. (A new genus and a new species of freshwater fish Balitoridae, Cypriniformes from the Dienbien District, Laichau Provoince, Vietnam). Tap Chi Sinh Hoc v. 24 (no. 2). 9-14.

  • Enigmacanthus Hutchins, 2002

    Hutchins J. B. 2002. Description of a new genus and species of miniature monacanthid fish from the Seychelles and Marshall Islands. Rec. West. Aust. Mus. v. 21. 213-219.

  • Halaphritis Last, Balushkin & Hutchins, 2002

    Last P. R., Balushkin A. V. & and J. B. Hutchins 2002. Halaphritis platycephala (Notothenioidei: Bovichtidae): a new genus and species of temperate icefish from southeastern Australia. Copeia 2002 (no. 2). 433-440.

  • Japonolycodes Shinohara, Sakurai & Machida, 2002

    Shinohara G., Sakurai H. & and Y. Machida 2002. Japonolycodes, a new genus for Davidijordania abei Matsubara, 1936 (Pisces: Zoarcidae). Mar. Freshwater Res. v. 53 (no. 2). 297-301.

  • Karsten Murdy, 2002

    Murdy E. O. 2002. Karsten: a new genus of eel goby (Gobiidae: Amblyopinae) with a key to "Trypauchen" group genera. Copeia 2002 (no. 3). 787-791.

  • Minysicya Larson, 2002

    Larson H. K. 2002. A new genus of small coral-reef goby (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the Indo-west Pacific, with discussion of its relationships. The Beagle (Rec. Mus. Art Galleries N. Terr.) No. 18. 63-71.

  • Neodontobutis Chen, Kottelat & Wu, 2002

    Chen I.-S., Kottelat M. & and H.-L. Wu 2002. A new genus of freshwater sleeper (Teleostei: Odontobutididae) from southern China and mainland Southeast Asia. J. Fish. Soc. Taiwan v. 29 (no. 3). 229-235.

  • Paradoxoglanis Norris, 2002

    Norris, S. M. 2002. A revision of the African electric catfishes, Family Malapteruridae (Teleostei, Siluriformes), with erection of a new genus and descriptions of fourteen new species and an annotated bibliography. Koninklijk Mus. Midden-Afr. Tervuren v. 289: 1-155.

  • Paraulopus Sato & Nakabo, 2002

    Sato T. & Nakabo T. 2002. Paraulopidae and Paraulopus, a new family and genus of aulopiform fishes with revised relationships within the order. Ichth. Research v. 49 (no. 1). 25-46.

  • Petilipinnis Casatti, 2002

    Casatti L. 2002. Petilipinnis, a new genus for Corvina grunniens Schomburgh, 1843 (Perciformes, Sciaenidae) from the Amazon and Essequibo river basins and redescription of Petilipinnis grunniens. Pap. Avulsos Zool., S. Paulo v. 42 (no. 7). 169-181.

  • Petroleuciscus Bogutskaya, 2002

    Bogutskaya N. G. 2002. Petroleuciscus, a new genus for the Leuciscus borysthenicus species group (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Zoosyst. Rossica v. 11 (no. 1). 235-237.

  • Propimelodus Lundberg & Parisi, 2002

    Lundberg J. G. & Parisi B. M. 2002. Propimelodus, new genus, and redescription of Pimelodus eigenmanni Van der Stigchel 1946, a long-recognized yet poorly-known South American catfish (Pimelodidae: Siluriformes). Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. v. 152. 75-88.

  • Pyrolycus Machida & Hashimoto, 2002

    Machida Y. & Hashimoto J. 2002. Pyrolycus manusanus, a new genus and species of deep-sea eelpout from a hydrothermal vent field in the Manus basin, Papua New Guinea (Zoarcidae, Lycodinae). Ichth. Research v. 49 (no. 1). 1-6.

  • Yasuhikotakia Nalbant, 2002

    Nalbant, T. T. 2002. Sixty million years of evolution. Part one: family Botiidae (Pisces: Ostariophysi: Cobitoidea). Trav. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. `Grigore Antipa' v. 44: 309-333, 4 pls.